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Presbyter Cosmas – Sermon against the Bogomil Heresy

…Now it so happened in the Bulgarian land that in the time of the Orthodox Tsar Peter there was a priest by the name of “Bogomil” /beloved of God/. But to tell the truth he was “not beloved of God.” He was the first to teach heresy in the Bulgarian land, which error I shall describe further on…. Externally these heretics are like sheep: meek, humble and quiet; they appear pale from their hypocritical fasting. They don’t utter excessive words, they don’t laugh loudly and are not inquisitive; they avoid the glance /of others/, and on the outside they do everything so as not to be distinguished from orthodox Christians. But internally they are wolves and predators, as the Lord said. When people see such humility, thinking that they are Orthodox and capable of showing the way to salvation, they approach them and question them regarding salvation of the soul. And they, like the wolf that wants to seize the sheep, pretend to sigh at first and answer humbly, and when they preach they act as if they were in heaven. And when they see a person who is simple and ignorant, it’s there they sow the weeds of their