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The Achievement of Intercourse

By Archbishop Sergius of Prague To live a Christian life is to walk in light. Blinded by the daily cares of our lives, we do not see and do not realize the fullness of our mission on earth and the fullness of the gifts given us by God; we don’t even know ourselves. The gifts of our soul are left unused. We see ourselves and other people as powerless and say, “We are insignificant average people. What can we do? We should only try to earn our living.” Thus belittling ourselves we often weaken our will to act, even though we are not little and not weak, but each one of us has a mission. Every human being in this world has a purpose and is God’s messenger on this earth. The Lord needs every soul, and every one of us is responsible for his own life, as well as for the lives of others. The issue is not our insignificance, but our unwillingness to assume responsibility. We often say, “That’s none of my business. Let someone else do it.” By saying so we shift our responsibility onto others, thus blaming others; this causes us to be judgmental, which in