Saint Paraskevi the Holy Virgin and Martyr Church in Plovdiv
Zora 15 Street, Plovdiv, 4000

Fr Emilian Paralingoff; phone number 0896147221


The Ancient Church of the Holy Virgin and Martyr Paraskevi in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The wide square ends at the cliffs of Dhambaz tepe below which one can see a small brick-roofed church, done in the architectonic fashion of old – five strides in length and six in breadth – with one altar dedicated to Saint Paraskevi, perfect in size for a couple of priests. If we were to imagine this holy site as a circle, with the church in its center, the rocks of the hill would cover three-eighths of the circle, while the churchyard, enclosed with a simple wall, would comprise five-eighths of the whole, featuring the cliffs all the way down to the square.

With these opening lines begins the nineteenth-century description of the ancient church of Saint Paraskevi in the account of one eminent intellectual of the National Revival period in Plovdiv, Mr. Constantine Moravenov.