Give hope

Our Parish Council conducts this social care program to collect money for the treatment of the very sick.


Table of Love

Thanks to the help offered by one devout Orthodox Christian woman and the ability of our church, every weekday we provide a hot meal to socially disadvantaged elderly, ill and homeless folk.

Basket of Charity

Three years ago on the Eve of the Nativity of Our Lord, we, the Parish Council and the parishioners in the St Paraskevi Church, decided that it is not proper and it is not right to ever find excuses that we have no money, time, place or whatever else, to help the needy and we began an initiative to collect lasting food products (conserved and packaged food) which we distribute to socially disadvantaged folk and families. The idea was for this initiative to continue until Epiphany, but the basket was not only constantly being filled, but filled to the brim, and this continues to the present day. God fills the basket, God also sends us those who need it.