A Homily given on the Small Compline with the whole Akathist to the Mother of God / Χαιρετισμών εις την Υπεραγίαν Θεοτόκον


00:00: On Time and Joy

03:33: Knowing our spiritual poverty, the good God has left us a model for realising the joy in our life – the Mother of God

06:00: Is it possible that this is not enough to make us constantly filled with joy? …not to feel cast down? …not to despair? …not to lose our temper and grumble against the trials in our life?

11:05: So considering this state of affairs, tell me, can it be so that we do not feel joy? Is it possible to become disheartened? To be disconcerted? To despair?

13:00: Through our life let us show our respect to her Heavenly Son and do this by making His Gospel not only a daily book of ours, but make the Gospel itself our life, our breath.