The following titles are available for purchase in the bookstore of the Church of the Holy Virgin and Martyr Paraskevi in Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Synodal Press
After Death. Where our Deceased are and how We can Provide for Them
They who have Shone Forth in Bulgaria. The Lives and Divine Services of St Achillius of Larisa and St Nicholas the New of Vounena
Fools for Christ


Holy Metropolia of Plovdiv
The Blessed Surgeon: The Life of Saint Luke, Archbishop of Simferopol


Omophor Publishing House
Yaldabaoth. History and Teaching of the Gnostic Religion
Heaven for the Earth
Gods, Idols, Guros
The Conquered Grief
Homilies – Vol 1. Protopresbyther Nicholas Loudovikos
On the prosperity theology. An Orthodox Critique
Women Saints of Orthodoxy
The Second Generation of Master Iconographers of the Samokov School of Iconography
The Mesiach Archetype
Orthodox Church – Her Faith, Divine Services and Life
18 Days in Kongo
Born to Hate, Reborn to Love
By the wall of the church. To my children and friends
Orthodox Christianity. A view from the West
Orthodox Faith and Life
Between Faith and Reason. First steps
Mladostartsy and the Orthodox Tradition
Familiar and Unfamiliar Books of the Divine Services
Psychological and Religious Being of Man
120 Questions and Answers from the Christian Psychotherapeutical Practice
Orthodoxy and Post-Modernism
Church, Nation, State
Jesus Christ in the Quran


Holy Monastery of Zografou, Mount Athos
The Saints of Chios Island. The Life and Miracles of Saint Matrona of Chios
Petar Danov and Vanga: Prophets and Precursors of the Anti-Christ, Part 1: P. Danov, An Analysis of a False Teaching
Petar Danov and Vanga: Prophets and Precursors of the Anti-Christ, Part 2: Vanga, The Portrait of a Modern Witch
Hieromonk Vissarion on Vanga and Danov: The Reaction


Iskoni Publishing House
Bulgaria, Orthodoxy, Culture


Bethesda Publishing House
Interpreting the Gospels, Vol. 2. Gospel of the Saint Apostole and Evangelist Mark
Interpreting the Gospels, Vol. 3. Gospel of the Saint Apostle and Evangelist Luke
Coming to touch with Holiness. On a Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the 21th Century
The Gospel for Children
Festive Sermons
Sisters of Charity. On the Struggle of Russian Women


St Apostle and Evangelist Luke
Homilies on the Life after Life
The Life and Works of Saint John Chrysostom, Archbishop of Constantinople


Darin Aleksiev
The Last Times
Yoga, A Path to Darkness